Forwarding services

таможенные услуги           Throughout the mankind history the timely delivery of cargo to a place of destination, whether it's stone blocks for the construction of Egyptian pyramids or the transportation of goods in Ukraine, for instance, primary aluminum for a plant of aluminum structures, is always relevant and sometimes complicated task to perform. As in every field of human endeavor, whatever it touches upon, the peculiarities and nuances of performing this or that task occur.

          At first glance this operation seems to be quite simple: to prepare necessary documents, to ship from the warehouse, to deliver to a customer. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal. However, the transportation of goods has its own set of peculiarities. For example, if you as a provider of primary metals have an agreement with your partners for the supply of primary aluminum, then you need to solve a number of time-consuming tasks: how to transfer goods from the warehouse to the railway transport or harbor in most effective way; how much cargo you need to transport; how to calculate the required number of transport means properly; to which transporter it is better to address; where, how and who will carry out loading / downloading, who will control the safety of a cargo as to be sure that nothing is lost on the way; who will deal with force majeure situations, such as checking "suspicious" transport by traffic police? Or, if the customer is foreign and the cargo "stuck" at customs and they do not want to let pass under any circumstances?

         Of course an experienced man may solve some of these problems on his own, but completely realize evrything at a high level is usually not possible because of lack of experience in this field. Therefore it would be more reasonable to delegate performing of this task to a company providing professional forwarding services, which has certified staff in their field, has already developed schemes and algorithms for solving a variety of problems, cooperates with regulatory authorities and has a substantial experience in organization of transportation of any complexity.

           Since 2007, with the assistance of our company, hundreds of thousands of tons of our partners cargos were transported in a variety of areas, both in Ukraine and in several countries of near and far abroad with insurance and accompanying of every cargo, as well as the proper preparation of all accompanying and customs documents for the fastest delivery of goods to any given point in apparent good order, condition and in time.