Customs brokerage services

  In simple terms, a customs broker - is the official mediator, a specialized organization that produces the desired operation of transport and clearance of goods at the request of the customer and at his expense, but on its own behalf. Today, customs brokerage services are gaining relevance as the legal framework is not quite stable and constantly changing.

  The range of customs brokerage services include the provision of necessary documents, certificates, declarations and other data requested by the customs authorities relating to accompany the consignment. Also in the service includes the provision of payment of customs duty mandatory, declaration of cargo, vehicle and goods, the implementation of other operations necessary for the successful passage of goods. Customs brokerage - what is the advantage of the treatment?

  We are a professional height prepare the necessary documents, eliminating the slightest possibility of problems at the customs office at our client. Our experts quickly and efficiently will draw all customs documents, and full support of the cargo, the guarantee of its safety and ensure timely delivery of our agents, professionals. The cost will depend on the complexity of the whole complex of services provided and the amount of the required customs duties.