Цинк  Zinc, in the form of an alloy with brass, known since the days of ancient Greece, India and China, but the nature of the zinc is found only in the other components. Prior to the present invention in 1746, the purification method and separation of the mixture of zinc in its pure form, this metal has been available only in the alloys.

  Zinc extraction is performed from polymetallic ores containing a 1% to 4% of zinc sulphide. In order to obtain a sufficient amount of zinc concentrate (50-60%) for his meltdown in zinc ingots, original polymetallic ore is rich. In the result, in parallel with the zinc concentration in the resulting concentrate also contains lead, copper and sometimes pyrite concentrates. Next zinc concentrates fired in a kiln in a fluidized bed, translating the original zinc sulfide to oxide ZnO, and thus form a sulfur dioxide SO2 is used to produce sulfuric acid.

  There are 2 ways to get zinc in pure form - pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical. The main method of producing zinc - hydro. The pyrometallurgical process is more costly due to their complexity, however, the zinc thus obtained when applying an additional costly purification becomes possible to extract cadmium.

  Zinc is used in a wide variety of products and processes. It is used as a reducing noble metals extracted groundwater leaching and recovery of silver, gold (or other metal) from lead bullion. High quality corrosion resistant and relatively low price of zinc makes extensive use as a protective coating for many metals and metal products (for example, galvanized bucket or car body).

  Zinc is also used in zinc-air batteries, which power consumption is 5-6 times greater than conventional lead battery. In general, zinc is used for galvanizing, medicine, manufacturing of alloys of rubber tires, oil-based paints, as well as the production of some types of weapons.

  Our company sells zinc ingots <<<<< brands CV, U0, TS1 and relevant GOST 3640-94.>>>>> Zinc ingots are packed in pallets. Pallet weight is about 1000 kg, and a whole ingot 22-24 kg.

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