Латунь    Brass is a double and often multicomponent alloy based on copper, wherein the main alloying element is zinc, sometimes with the addition of tin, nickel, iron, lead and other elements. Brass has been already known in ancient Greece and later in ancient Rome, when it was received through fusing copper with calamine (zinc ore). Also in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Augustus the Roman money were minted from brass (Sesterce and duponds). After the collapse of the Western Roman Empire the brass in Europe was not manufactured until 1781. At that time in England brass production was re-opened by melting copper with zinc metal. Brass due to its characteristic color was used as a fake gold in Western Europe and Russia in the XIX century.

   Brass is marked as follows: brass ingots are designated by the letter "B" followed by the letters of the key elements included in the alloy. In grades of pressed brass the first 2 digits following the letter "L" indicate the average copper content in percent. For example, B70 - brass, which contains 70% copper (Cu). In the case of a deformable brasses with addition of alloying metals numbers and letters are also added to indicate the name and amount of the alloying element BAI70-3-2 is a brass containing 70% copper, aluminum alloy (A) in an amount of 3% and iron in the amount of 2%. The amount of zinc in the alloy is determined by the difference from 100%.

     In a brass of foundry type the average content of alloy components in percentage is placed right after the letter indicating its name. For example, brass BC35Mn2,5 comprises 35% of zinc (C), and 2.5% of manganese (Mn). Brass is used in the production of sanitary ware products, bushings, bolts, rack-wheel, screws, parts for cars, ships, fittings, watchmaking and for engineering critical components operating under high temperatures (up to 300 ° C).

      Our company sells brass in ingots: one ingot weighs 25 kg; one pallet weighs at the average 700 kg.  Brass GOST 1020-97                                       

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