Aluminum wire rod (semi-solid, casted and rolled)

Катанка АКЛП ПТ алюминиевая    Aluminum wire rod, *type AKCR SS is one of the subtypes of aluminum wire rod produced according to GOST 13843-78. The acronym AKCR SS should be understood as semi-solid aluminum wire rod produced by continuous casting and rolling. This type of aluminum products is produced in the first and highest categories and has a nominal diameter from 9 mm to 25 mm and is used for production of wire and application in electrical engineering.

    Aluminum Wire Rod AKCR SS of standard GOST 13843-78 at 200C has an electrical resistivity of less than 0.0281 Ohm*mm2 / m and temporal resistance to tearing up to 83 MPa.

       Rod acceptance includes the following provisions:

  1. Wire rod is accepted only by lots. In this case a lot must consist of a rod of one type, of one or maximum two heats and be of the same size. Maximum weight of one lot should not exceed 70 tons.
  2. Checking for compliance with the requirements can be carried out over the entire lot of wire rod, but in practice it is realized selectively. However, at least 2 coils should be checked during this process.
  3. Verification of compliance with the requirements is carried out by the consumer upon receiving.
  4. If unsatisfactory results of measurements on at least one of the indicators of GOST 13843-78, the measurements are carried out additionally on the re-doubling number of coils taken from the same lot. The measurement results are applicable to the whole lot.

     Aluminum wire rod, *type AKCR SS is sold by our company in coils of full rolling, with a diameter from 9 mm to 19 mm and a weight from 1700 kg to 2200 kg.