Nickel cards

 Никель, карточка   Nickel card is the result of cutting the nickel cathode sheets. Cutting operation is carried out to speed up the process of loading / unloading as well as for more precise needs of a customer.

    Nickel card is used as one of the main components of modern superalloys - heat-resistant materials used in aerospace parts for power plants. The superalloys are nickel and white gold used in jewelry set, monel, nichrome, nickel and chromium-nickel and steel. The use of nickel in these metals greatly increases their corrosion resistance. Curiously, some metal alloys and nickel have the effect of so-called "shape memory". In practice this means that if the original shape of defined product was broken up, it can be recovered by heating. For example, the connecting tube of nickel titanium, widely used in the hydraulic systems of military aviation: first tube set the desired shape and tabs to secure, then cooled to -196 ? C, aligning all the bumps and making a perfectly smooth inside. The tube is put on 2 connected pipes and at room temperature it recovers its initial fixation tabs. In "general" fighter aircraft the amount of such compounds is 300,000 or more. However, due to the high strength of the alloy the messages of refusal for such compounds have never been received.

     Our company sells nickel in cards of the following sizes:

  • Solid nickel cathode sheets with cut and uncut fems no larger than 1030x870x420 mm, fastened with steel strapping, weighing up to 1500 kg.
  • Cut cathode sheets. Nickel card is packed in metal drums sizing 380x610 mm, weighing up to 250 kg for 4 drums on one pallet.

      Looking forward to seeing you as our partners and customers. Nickel GOST 849-97