Nickel cathodes

Катод никелевый     Nickel cathodes are well appreciated in the market of non-ferrous metals. Nickel in its purest form is a highly malleable and ductile metal of silver-white color, which is in the air at ordinary temperatures is covered by a thin oxide film that protects it from corrosion.

       Nickel has got its name by the name of the evil spirit of the mountains from the German mythology (germ. “Nickel” – a hellion), who threw to copper seekers a mineral that was superficially similar to the copper ore. However, during the melting of nickel ore gases of arsenic were escaped, due to which the metal was named after its properties.
Nickel itself is widely distributed in the Earth's crust and is found only in a bound state, but periodically falling to the earth's surface iron meteorites the concentration of pure nickel can reach 8%.

     Nickel can be found in various volumes in living organisms, and in some plants and microorganisms, its concentration may be hundreds of thousands of times greater than in the surrounding environment. The greater mass of nickel is produced by processing garnierite and magnetic pyrites. Interestingly that a long time it was not possible to obtain nickel in the form of plastic because it always had an admixture of sulfur in the form of nickel sulfide. However, when added a certain amount of magnesium in a molten nickel the combination reaction with sulfur occurs, and it is exhaled in the form of grains without disrupting the ductility of the metal.

      Nickel is used in the production of batteries, in medicine, and in the production of coins, in music industry (winding the strings of musical instruments) for creating a layer of heat guard (for instance, holders for torches of mercury arc lamp). For creating a corrosion-resistant metal layer it is coated with nickel. The thickness of the obtained nickel layer is 12-36 microns. This process is called “nickel-plating”.

    Nickel cathodes are produced using electrolysis in the form of plates. These plates are the basic material for the production of stainless steel and nickel coating of different parts in electronics and mechanical engineering.

      Nickel cathode GOST 849-97