Copper cathodes

 Катоды медные    Copper cathodes are the result of processing of copper ore and copper raw material recycling. The basic technology of production of copper cathodes is the technology of electrolytic refining of copper through its deposition on the titanium matrices. The use of this technology, as well as an additional four-stage washing of sediment allow to obtain copper cathodes of high purity.

       Two types of copper cathodes are produced in manufacturing:
1. Cathode sheets of form factor 4-6x860x1000 mm, weighing about 37 kg.
2. Welded together two cathode sheets with the size 4-6h885h1000 mm, weighing about 75 kg.

        Obtained as a result of production copper cathodes are used in the production of ingots, wire, tires, copper wire rod, electrolytic copper powder and other deformable semis.

         Copper cathode must be kept on the dry warehouse, in a horizontal position with a shed and separately from aggressive substances. The finished product is formed in pallets in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents. Weight of a pallet with cathode is usually less than 1500 kg, and its height - not more than 500 mm. Copper cathodes can be transported by any means of covered transport.