Copper wire rod

Катанка медная     Copper wire rod is designed for the production of electrical products. Wire rod is produced using modern technology of continuous casting and rolling. Copper wire, wire ropes and cables are used extensively in the automotive, electrical, electrical engineering, telecommunication and shipbuilding industries.

       The main direction of using copper wire rod is the production of wires, contact wires, tires and other cable products. The scope of application of copper rod due to physical and mechanical properties of copper, namely:
1. Low electrical resistance, which is second only to silver and thus substantially cheaper.
2. Has a relatively large temperature coefficient of resistance (ie, under the temperature changing the properties of copper are slightly altered) and the change of only 0.4% / ° C;
3. Good ductility and as a result easeness of processing and strength simultaneously.

        All of these contribute to the beneficial qualities of durability and versatility of copper wire rod.