Aluminum wire rod

Катанка алюминиевая    Aluminum wire thanks to its low weight and high electrical conductivity is stepped back only by a copper, and thus in the production has a price about 4 times less than a copper and has acquired a  wide use in production of microelectronics, wires and screening for them.

     The basic material which is necessary for production of aluminum wire is an aluminum wire rod with the average diameter of 5-10 mm, produced by rolling or wire-bars on the rolling machine, or by continuous casting and rolling of the molten aluminum. At present the best option for aluminum wire rod is its production directly from molten aluminum.

     During the production process, molten aluminum is transferred into the ingot-forming equipment (mold), which is water-cooled rotating wheel having structurally semioval triangular cutout on the rim.During the rotational movement of the wheel the metal is crystallized and in the form of a rod is immediately transferred to rolls for obtaining a rod.

       Thereby the speed of rotation of the mold is about 2-3 turns/ min. The temperature of a bar is about 500 ° C. The cove of aluminum rod weighs an average of 1,500 kg, which provides high productivity of equipment in the subsequent drawing. Our company sells high-quality aluminum wire rod in all volumes necessary for our customers.