The new nickel mine will supply metal for batteries

In the state of Western Australia, the official opening of the Nova nickel-copper mine, the Independence Group (IGO), took place. The cost of the project, launched in 2012, was $ 456 million.
The extraction of ore on Nova began in July of this year, and at the end of September the enterprise should reach its planned capacity. IGO plans in 2018 to obtain Nova 23-27 thousand tons of nickel in concentrate, 10-12 thousand tons of copper and 800 to 1050 kg of cobalt.
The launch of the new mine is regarded as a sign of the recovery of the nickel mining industry in the region, where three such enterprises, Ravensthorpe, Kambalda and Kimberley, were closed in the last two years. And the first of them will be finally decommissioned at the end of September this year.
As IGO managing director Peter Bradford said, the global nickel industry is undergoing structural adjustment due to the growing demand for this metal from batteries for electric vehicles, although, of course, most of the nickel produced in the world is used in the metallurgical industry.
But at least the nickel concentrate that Nova will supply is planned to be recycled at the Nickel West plant, which is planned to be built in Western Australia by BHP. According to her statement, in 5-6 years about 90% of the products of this enterprise will be supplied to battery manufacturers for electric vehicles.