In Mordovia launched a complex for the production of wire rods made of aluminum and copper

In the Republic of Mordovia, a new metallurgical production was commissioned, specializing in the manufacture of aluminum and copper wire rod. The complex is located on the site of the plant "Saranskkabel", the enterprise expects to reach its full production capacity in April 2018, the press service of the head of the Republic of Mordovia informs.
The capacity of the new production complex is 10,000 tons of aluminum rod and 5,000 tons of copper wire rod per year. Production is already established: in the third quarter the plant plans to produce 600 tons of products, and in the fourth quarter - about 2.5 thousand tons.
The launch of a new metallurgical production will allow Mordovian cablemen to provide their own raw materials on a 100% basis, as well as send products to consumers from other regions and even for export.